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Our project aims to be a contribution for you, in your work with others (as a social worker, doctor, nurse, educator) or in your preparation for your professional future in this fields.



We know that many people who work in the caregiving sector suffer from frustration, high levels of stress, lack of motivation and can suffer from burn-out syndrome, which has also been called ¨the fatigue of the good¨


It is also known that these professions enjoy the highest levels of motivation in their beginnings: the most enthusiastic, enterprising, humanistic people usually choose these areas.



How do we maintain our motivation, enthusiasm and health and respond to our vocation? How do we transform these limitations and risks into strengths?



Resicare Project seeks to answer these questions.



In the formative stages, health and social work professionals are seldom warned about how intense and exhausting the day-to-day can be. University careers hardly speak about the subject of burnout or how to manage stress.



On the other hand, there are organizations that offer post-graduate training, but it is not easy to have the time or money to make use of them.




Resicare seeks to develop and offer practical, accessible, effective, free and research-based tools for workers in these professions to stay strong and grow professionally.




Resicare (Resilience for Caregivers) brings together different disciplines (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuroscience, Art Therapy and Systemic Therapy, plus the knowledge of trainers in social work) and puts them at the service of people who, like you, are drawn by this vocation to support people.




We research, compare, get to know each other, dive into inter-culturality and specific challenges, create, test and develop the tools to transform frustrations, obstacles, difficulties and changes into a learning space and a springboard towards a healthier, fuller, fairer and enriching professional life.