Next Adventure:
“Critical Incident Manual for Health and Social Professionals”:

Critical incidents” are situations in which misunderstandings and tensions can arise, related to cultural differences (for example: different ways of interpreting mental illness).
Starting in October, social workers, health professionals and beneficiaries of this care will be invited to participate in workshops to learn how to:

– analyse the cultural shocks encountered in the course of their work with vulnerable beneficiaries from different cultural backgrounds,


– identify whether strange / problematic behaviour is related to cultural or personal / psychological problems and


– break stereotypes and prejudices towards beneficiaries in order to reduce discriminatory behaviour.


During this second stage, beneficiaries who have experienced culture shock as part of social or health support will also be invited to participate in workshops to analyse critical incidents. They will in turn learn to be better enriched by intercultural encounters.
At the end of this intercultural adventure, you will have access to a manual listing 64 critical incidents analyzed. These will give you a representative overview of the types of problems/conflicts that may compromise the work of professionals in relation to vulnerable groups and possible solutions


You can now follow the progress of the project through the website