How to better manage stress and develop RESILIENCE





In this last section we will present the results of our research and development of tools on stress management and the promotion of resilience for health professionals, and social workers



The main objective of these work is to promote resilience from a multidisciplinary approach, by integrating and highlighting tools, concepts and methodological experiences from neurosciences, cognitive-behavioral psychology and art therapy.

During these years of work we have been able to identify problems common to people whose profession is to take care of others. Thus, activities were created and then tested with a public susceptible to suffer professional burnout -linked to the stress generated by the accompaniment of many people, most of whom live in precarious socioemotional and material situations-.

We have designed options (detailing times and dynamics) so that health and social professionals can reproduce the workshops. We hope it will be useful and enriching and that you will be able to make your own adaptations according to your the needs of your particular situation.

Tools at everyone’s reach:

These training workshops have helped us  validate and improve the activities we co-created so that they come as close as possible to achieving the objectives, and can be adapted to different professional and work contexts.

In order to make the activities clearer, we have produced videos that capture the experiences of the activities carried out during the training sessions, they can be understood and adapted, making them attractive and understandable.